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When everything starts to feel like a chore, you might be depressed. The key features of depression are persistent low mood and/or loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. Learn more…


How could high standards be a bad thing? When the standards are unrealistic, persist despite negative consequences, and impact your self-worth, we call that perfectionism and it is a problem. Learn more…

ibs & ibd

More and more research is showing the connection between brain and body, and stress and anxiety can put you at increased risk of a flare up or developing IBS and other related conditions. Learn more…


Everyone worries from time to time and anxiety can even be helpful. It gets in the way when you spend most of your time worrying or when anxiety is out of balance with the “threat”. Learn more…

complex trauma

Childhood exposure to trauma and problematic caregiving can leave lasting impacts on how you see the world and how you relate to others. It may cause problems with emotions and coping. Learn more…

fertility issues

Nearly 1 in 6 couples in Canada struggle to conceive. While some of the factors underlying fertility issues are out of your control, research suggests that therapy can be helpful for some people. Learn more…

Philosophy of EBH

Therapy should work for you. You can attend virtually or at EBH’s convenient location in Downtown Vancouver.  Noon sessions are available to squeeze into your work day. Direct pay is available with several insurance providers to reduce your paperwork hassle.

Your mental health is a priority. Use your benefits to set up good mental health habits before problems can settle in. Just as you might watch your diet and exercise, you want to be proactive with your mental health.

You deserve high quality, individualized care. We rely on interventions that research has shown to be effective to help you. There is a focus on helping you retain the material we discuss and to use these strategies outside of sessions.

Therapy is a safe space. We aim to provide an environment that is warm, genuine, and nonjudgmental. Anyone looking to work on their mental health is welcome. 

Accepting New Clients

Offering online and in person appointments  

Availability on Tuesdays (9-4), Wednesdays (10-6), Thursdays (10-6) and Fridays (9-4) 

Noon virtual appointments may be available on Mondays. Please inquire at

Meet the Team

We are registered psychologists who rely on research-based approaches to tailor therapy to your unique strengths and concerns. Our job is to move you through issues where you feel stuck and to bring new perspectives to help you make sense of things.

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