Philosophy of EBH

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Why behavioural health?

Behavioural health is an umbrella term that includes mental well-being, health conditions that can benefit from support, and treatment for problem behaviours (e.g., overspending, challenges decluttering). While you can still get treatment for mental health concerns like depression and anxiety, not having a diagnosable mental health issue doesn’t have to be a barrier to accessing help. We welcome individuals who may not be in the midst of a mental health crisis and are interested in strategies to keep them functioning well.

Evidence based treatment by professional psychologist

Evidence-based and tailored to you

We don’t take a cookie cutter approach of one therapy modality when there are so many terrific ways of approaching mental health. Several approaches with research supporting them inform our treatment, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy-informed strategies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and self-compassion-based modalities. We think carefully about the interventions available and design a plan tailored to you.

Brain training

A focus on prevention

We know we should take care of our mental health, but it's often on the backburner. Think about your mental health like your physical health, since the problems can be just as debilitating. Ideally you don’t wait until the heart attack to start exercising and you want to treat your mental health the same way. Mental health issues can creep up slowly so you don’t notice how much of an impact they’re having until you start feeling better. We try to wrap up treatment with a discussion of relapse prevention, to recognize and stop problems from coming back.

Therapy is a piece of the puzzle

Respecting the process

Therapy isn’t magic. We try not to just drop a strategy on you and expect that it will change your life; we try to work with you to identify barriers and practical supports to help you implement strategies. We also know that therapy often works as part of a team, which might include medication, your supports, a higher power, or podcasts you listen to. These contributions are valued as part of your process. The sessions you attend will be a small piece of your mental health journey and we want to do what we can to put you on a lifelong path of psychological and emotional growth.

Telehealth helps make therapy work for you

Making therapy work for you

We understand that therapy is expensive and that many people only have coverage for one or two sessions through their benefit plans, or have to pay out of pocket. While the ideal is for you to attend enough sessions to get you to noticeable change, finances shouldn’t be a barrier to getting support. We offer direct pay options with many insurance companies to minimize the headache and out-of-pocket payments for you. You can attend therapy at our office that is conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver or online. We also offer lunch appointments for people who have limited daytime flexibility.

Therapy is confidential and nonjudgmental

Therapy is a safe space

While pretty much every therapist says that they provide a warm, genuine, and nonjudgmental environment, we do that too! We appreciate that you may have never talked about some of the things you talk about in therapy anywhere else, with anyone else. We take that responsibility very seriously. With some exceptions that we will discuss in advance, we are bound by confidentiality, so your secrets are safe with us. We also welcome individuals from diverse communities who are wanting to work on the issues we specialize in and can try to make referrals when we aren't the best fit for a particular area of focus.