Individual Therapy

Therapy involves exploring your struggles in a supportive environment, clarifying areas of confusion, and providing ideas and guidance for making changes. We rely on therapeutic approaches that have a solid foundation of research backing up their effectiveness. Most importantly, they are ones that we have found to be helpful for other clients and use ourselves in our own lives. These include Cognitive Behavioral TherapyDialectical Behavior Therapy informed treatment (please note we do not have the capacity to offer comprehensive DBT treatment), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and self-compassion approaches. Change is designed to take place over time with therapy but to yield lasting benefits. To get the most out of therapy, it’s best to attend regularly (e.g., every two weeks) initially so that we can move things forward rather than getting caught on catching up.   

Behavioural Health Consultation

Feel free to choose this option if you are just looking for one or two sessions at this time. We understand that time or finances can be a barrier to therapy and we want to work with you to get you started on your mental health journey. Consultations use brief, targeted interventions. In our session, we’ll sacrifice depth to make sure we connect you to resources or an intervention that we hope will be helpful to you. If you come with a number of issues, we will help you to prioritize one. Consultations are ideal for:

  • Former treatment clients looking for a “tune up”
  • A specific issue such as pre-retirement planning, education around anxiety or depression, or better sleep
  • A lifestyle check-up even if you’re feeling pretty good to make sure your mental health is on the right track. We love it when people are proactive with their mental health. Similar to how you might get your car serviced, even if nothing seems wrong, checking in can potentially avoid bigger problems down the road. 
  • Checking out fit with a therapist and getting some background down so if a crisis hits, you can jump right in

Which one do I choose?

When you request individual treatment, we do our best to make sure that there are regular spots open for you to attend as you will benefit from the continuity in sessions. Scheduling behavioural health consultations allows us to fit people into cancellations and vacations, so you will likely get in faster but keep in mind it might mean a larger gap between your first and following appointments if you decide you want more. Regardless of which option you choose, you’re never stuck: if you decide therapy is not a good fit, you don’t have to keep coming, or if you want to come back for treatment after a consultation, let us know and we’ll get you back as soon as we can.