Treatment for problematic sexual behaviour

All kinds of people engage in all kinds of problematic sexual behaviour for all kinds of reasons. Perhaps you have been charged with a sexual offence, or maybe the behaviour is causing stress or problems for you or your loved ones. You might not understand fully why it’s happening and it’s probably not the kind of thing that you can talk to anyone about. Oftentimes there is a great deal of shame associated with problematic sexual behaviours, which can actually put you further at risk. Please note, we are unable to offer treatment for sexual paraphilias. 

What to expect from treatment

We usually start with trying to develop an understanding of the behaviour, thinking about situations, thoughts, feelings, etc. that make you vulnerable. We might target risk factors that are specific to you and associated with sexually problematic behaviour, such as substance use, poor coping, depression, and isolation. Throughout, we approach treatment from a perspective of understanding over judgment and appreciation that you are coming to treatment to deal with the issues. Please note that risk assessment falls outside of the scope of what is provided in treatment, as a treating professional is unable to provide an objective opinion about risk. If you have been charged with a sexual offence but have not yet been convicted, we may be limited in what we discuss for your protection but we can still work on risk factors generally.

About my qualifications and experience

It’s understandable that you might have some hesitation about working with someone on what can be an uncomfortable topic. I worked as a forensic psychologist for over eight years in the public service, assessing individuals convicted of sexual assault, child sexual offences, and child pornography offences. I also provided treatment to individuals for risk factors related to their sexual offences and other psychosocial issues. I have been qualified as an expert in risk assessment for  sexual offences and treatment at the Provincial and Supreme Court levels. I completed coursework and training at the graduate level in forensic psychology and graduated with a forensic specialization. I have taken training offered through the Association for Treatment and Prevention of Sexual Abuse in treatment for individuals who have committed sexual offences. I am able to provide a letter to Court outlining our work together and changes in risk factors that we have been working on, although as noted above I am unable to provide risk opinions. Please let me know at the outset of treatment if this is something you will be requesting as it may shape the direction of our work together.